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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Just taking the girls for a whirl ;D. Oh, and I don't have a beta.

A/N.1: My muse has been hit or miss for quite a long time, but this, well, The Showplace is real and really for sale, so if I hadn't taken a stab at this, that would just be a pathetic muse indeed! I don't know how much more I'm going to get done as it took two weeks to get this much down. So if months go by, I hereby give permission for any soul to finish it off as they please. I hate that I've left people hanging in other fandoms. At any rate, Enjoy! ;D

A/N.2: If you wandered in from Mars, this is in response to mxrolkr's prompt in the 2nd Poke the Dragon fic-a-thon. Which has been pretty nifty, so if you really are from Mars, go take a look!

On to the story )
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I couldn't resist. The Devil Wears Prada is my current fave fandom *shrug*. If you've found your way here, it's because I sent you here. I needed a clean slate! I will not make promises of daily updates like my last writing blog. I can't seem to write consistently. The muse dried up on Voq-Je-Bang and has been hit or miss ever since.

Regardless! I want my writings in one place dammit!

And the name is a derivation of my WoW name ;D. Love ya guildies!
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yeah, that's all ;D


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