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The Last Stand
by wyrdmaege 16/17NOV01

1. I don't own these characters, and I'm not Ferengi, so profit's the
last thing on my mind.
2. Well, I think we just hit an R rating. Unfortunately, it's only
for language. Muses seem to have lost the key to the bedroom*sigh*.

I have officially been sucked into a temporal river that seems to
only flow backwards. This is my version of how they finally got past
the arguing. Also, "/ . . . /" denotes italics and "* . . . *"
denotes sound. Some of the Klingon words are real, some aren't.
Whatever I couldn't find online, I made up. Hopefully, unless you're
well versed, you won't be able to tell which are which. I figure, at
this point, I'm sleepy enough to have faked it well. Here's hoping
you agree.

http://www.kli.org - phonetics table
http://www.beyond.olm.net/klingon.html - small online Klingon

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"/Goddamnit/, Seven!" B'Elann slapped the former drone's hand out of
her way. "I told you to just /tell me/ the next time I had to make an
adjustment!" B'Elanna was livid. This was the fourth time in the last
hour she'd repeated the request. Even for the Ice Borg Bitch Queen of
the Universe, this was a bit much.

"And I told you, you are too slow. We would not be having this
discussion /again/ if the ship were under attack." Seven's voice was
rigidly controlled flint that finally struck one spark too many.

"Well, the ship /isn't/ under attack, you fucking Borg cha'tlh!
Follow the fucking /procedure/!" B'Elanna slammed her hands on the
console, punching a blipping protest from the computer. The
ridiculous noise only irritated her more. "Just fucking great, Ms.
nga'ehrg Borg Perfection!" B'Elanna threw her angry gaze at
Seven. "Thanks to you, we've got to start the whole damnned sequence
over again! You batlhlta ase'dch targ nga'ehrg poq' - "

*/CRACK/!!* Seven's human hand snapped across B'Elanna's face,
leaving not only a burning imprint, but four welts from her nails.
B'Elanna had been flung a step backward and her head turned almost
completely around. Slowly, with an odd utter stillness, she moved
back to her position. Then she spat blood onto the deck at Seven's
feet as her darkly luminous eyes riveted an obviously shaking,
enraged Seven of Nine.

There was a collective gasp throughout engineering. The entire
department had become fascinated by the entire exchange. This went so
far beyond the usual that even Vorik was too stunned to call Janeway.
He did, however, note that blood was dripping from Seven's clenched

"yImev! Why do you delight in tormenting me?" the tall Viking ground
out in an impossibly deep voice.

"Torment?" B'Elanna's voice was utterly calm. Utterly devoid of
emotion. "An arrogant, self-righteous, jI'Hogh m'jI cha'tlh like
you /has/ no emotions. You care for nothing but your empty
perfection, Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One.
How can someone torment an empty /drone/?" The final word hit Seven
with every ounce of hate, loathing, resentment, and disgust contained
within B'Elanna Torres body and soul. It slashed and burned and
ripped and crushed. She shrieked a howl of pain, anguish, and self-
loathing as she rushed the serene lieutenant. Snatching the
unresisting woman up with two fistfuls of tunic, she didn't stop
running until they slammed into the bulkhead twenty feet beyond them.

Seven's voice was strangled as her deep, wet blue eyes searched the
unfazed woman. "You want to see what my /non-emotions/ //do// to me?"
More loudly, "Computer, site to site transport, Lieutenant Torres and
Seven of Nine to Sickbay." B'Elanna's eyes widened as they

Their transport snapped Ensign Vorik out of his trance. "Computer,
activate Emergency Medical Holoprogram in Sickbay."

"Program already in progress." Vorik nodded, and began ordering the
crew back to work, assuring them that the Doctor would take the
appropriate action.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"What the hell is going on here?" The Doctor hurried out of his
office as soon as he realized who the materializing combatants were.
Seven released her uplifted captive, turned on her heel, and locked
her fists behind her back. The maneuver placed her slightly in front
of B'Elanna, who was recovering her balance. The hybrid noticed the
still dripping blood and felt a slight ache in her right shoulder
where Seven's Borg hand had shredded uniform and skin.

"Doctor." Seven appeared the perfect Ice Queen as she spoke, serene,
cold, and uncaring. "How many times have I been forced to report to
sickbay in the last two weeks?"

"28 times." The Doctor said disgustedly. He'd been trying to give
Seven time to work out whatever it was she wouldn't, couldn't
discuss, but now he'd waited so long that Janeway was going to remap
his program when she found out.

"What??" B'Elanna's calm finally ditched her. "What the hell have you
been /doing/, Seven?" B'Elanna shoved Seven around so they were
facing each other again. Seven stumbled slightly, but otherwise
appeared completely unaffected. The Doctor answered for her.

"Twisting a page from /your/ book, Lieutenant. Running the most
dangerous programs she can create with the holo-safeties /off/."
B'Elanna was certain there was another ear-splitting crack. Her soul
crumpled as she stared at the determinedly stoic woman before her.
Her own pain welled up, reminding her of every spiteful, vicious
thing that had been perputrated upon her and that she had perputrated
on Seven of Nine, once small Annika Hansen. Just to make sure her
flagellation was total, B'Elanna asked the Doctor to state Seven's

As he scanned them, he litanied reproachfully, "An impressive number
of abrasions, contusions, and concussions. Each arm broken six times,
radii four, left upper arm twice. Eight broken legs, three of them
femur breaks. Two broken ankles, one for each leg, and let's not
forget the outstandingly numerous puncture wounds to the upper torso,
which, to /her/ chagrin, didn't puncture anything vital. You, dear
B'Elanna would have been dead ten times over. This one just beamed
herself in for repair, regenerated for a couple of hours, and was
back at her station good as new." The Doctor finally looked up from
his tricorder and saw the tears streaming down B'Elanna's face. "oh,

"Why - " the hybrid choked back her heartache, "why didn't you report

"Because not even Captain Janeway could have stopped me from
accessing the holodeck." Seven responded for the Doctor. B'Elanna was
torn completely apart. She didn't know what to do. She finally
realized that while she'd simply been trying to feel, Seven had been
attempting HoH'egh. Suicide. The hybrid remembered how selfless Seven
had been for the sake of the ship over the years, and she, B'Elanna
Torres, Honorless Daughter of Miral, had nearly killed her. Just to
see a little emotion. Finally, B'Elanna did the only thing that
seemed to edge towards right. She flung herself at Seven and wrapped
the tall Viking in a fiercely tight hug and began murmurring in the
stiff woman's ear.

"I'm less than targ shit, Seven. I'm beyond honorless. I'm so sorry,
Sev. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Sev. Not a word I've uttered
in the last eight years is true. I see that now. It's over. My stupid
fight is over, Seven. Never again. I swear it on the bej that is my

The hoarsely mumbled apology released Seven of Nine. The Ice Queen
shattered and crumpled to the floor, dragging B'Elanna with her.
B'Elanna was dimly aware of the Doctor sealing Sickbay and
deactivating himself as she rocked the sobbing woman and crooned
apologies. For hours, they sat in the middle of sickbay. Every so
often, the engineer would cry as well, but she always pulled out of
it to comfort Seven. The tears ran out before the blonde's sobs,
which broke B'Elanna's heart all over again. Finally, they were
simply cuddled together, drifting on exhaustion.

"Janeway to Sickbay."

"bej" Seven muttered tiredly against B'Elanna's neck.

"I'll handle it, Sev. Just rest." B'Elanna looked at the ceiling as
she responded, "Sickbay here, Captain. Do you need the EMH?"

"Lieutenant Torres?" Janeway's surprise was clear. "Is something
wrong with the Doctor?"

"No, Captain. He's just deactivated."

"Are you alright, B'Elanna?" The hybrid glanced at the golden crown
beneath her chin.

"Eventually, Captain." Seven squeezed Torres who sighed. Torres hated
it when Seven was right. Janeway was going to find out
eventually. "Seven and I had another fight in Engineering. Things
started getting out of hand, so we transported to Sickbay. We've been
working things out ever since." Seven nudged B'Elanna's chin. "Non-

There was a long pause. "Is the situation resolved?" B'Elanna winced
at the crisp tone.

"Yes. There will be no more arguments. Only completely calm, rational
disagreements. We will . . . attempt friendship." Seven spoke for the
first time. B'Elanna stared down into twinkling blue eyes.

"B'Elanna?" Janeway needed confirmation.

"Like the lady said, Captain, only calm, rational disagreements, and
plenty of compromising between friends."

"On your honor, Lieutenant?" Janeway had to be sure. B'Elanna gazed
questioningly at Seven, who nodded reassuringly.

"On my honor."
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