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Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Just taking the girls for a whirl ;D. Oh, and I don't have a beta.

A/N.1: My muse has been hit or miss for quite a long time, but this, well, The Showplace is real and really for sale, so if I hadn't taken a stab at this, that would just be a pathetic muse indeed! I don't know how much more I'm going to get done as it took two weeks to get this much down. So if months go by, I hereby give permission for any soul to finish it off as they please. I hate that I've left people hanging in other fandoms. At any rate, Enjoy! ;D

A/N.2: If you wandered in from Mars, this is in response to mxrolkr's prompt in the 2nd Poke the Dragon fic-a-thon. Which has been pretty nifty, so if you really are from Mars, go take a look!

* * * * * * * * * < D W P > * * * * * * * * *

There was a time when The Showplace would have been enough. When the history and love of her family's ranch was all that mattered. When all her passion, all her energy from dawn to dusk had focused on cattle and horses, ranch hands and house staff, and the balance of hard work and dreamy joy. Andy Sachs had been born on these 656 acres. Like most ranch kids, she rode horses before she could walk and her childhood had been split between chores and terrorizing everything in site. Her father had saved the place from massive debt by turning it into a dude ranch in the mid-70's. Some years were a little more borderline than others, but she'd paid attention to her father and to school.

Texas A & M had been rough and enlightening and Andy hadn't expected to develop new dreams while there. To fulfill credits, she'd taken a creative writing course thinking it'd be an easy A while focussing on her land management classes. Instead, she'd discovered a new love for writing and a new way to share her life with the world at large. Now she wrote the articles and marketing bits that kept her ranch's offerings in the tourism bureaus' sights. Still, it just didn't seem to be enough anymore.

* * * * * * * * * < D W P > * * * * * * * * *

Miranda Pristly would soon be staring out a small airplane window descending into San Antonio International. Statistically a decent sized city, but it's reputation was historical small town. She, the Fashion Ice Queen, never even thought of it if not for her twin daughters pleadings to "visit a real dude ranch so they wouldn't have totally lame back to school essays". Apparently they wanted something completely different from their friends who would all have tales of Europe and tropical beaches. They had even gone so far as to pick the ranch themselves. It not only involved patrons in the typical "cow puncher" activities but offered a modest spa service, a small pool, rustic cabins for the truly adventurous (which she'd fortunately dissuaded the girls from renting; for once those DSes were valuable), and, incongruously, a paintball course.

Miranda had one of her assistants call and vet all of the amenities. It was certainly going to be different, but it was close enough to civilisation to offer wifi and if not reliable cell service. The assistant had also managed to arrange some office space if she needed it. At some point the novelty of having their mother around 24/7 would wear off and she'd be free to terrorize the office. However, at the moment she was dealing with her own Devil.

"What? Mother are you insan- oh wait, yes you-" Miranda ground her teeth as her parent spoke with casual condescension. Really, she'd learned from the best. "Mother you are Not coming with us!" Steely eyes flicked to the open doorway. Her own voice hadn't risen but there was no mistaking the stridency only her mother could evoke. Adding to the humiliation was the fact this was happening at work. A deliberate manuever on her mother's part. "Fine! Fine. You may join us in Castroville. Please keep in mind that the girls plan to join in several activites requiring us all to sleep out-" As her mother cut her off, Miranda dearly wished she had the sort of reputation that allowed for dramatic gestures such as throwing her phone across the room and sweeping everything off her desk. "Of course mother. You're right. The girls would never expect you to sleep on the ground and they won't mind at all that you can't possibly" Miranda rolled her eyes; the woman was more spry than she was! "join us under the Texas stars. I'll have Roy pick you up from the station the day before we fly out. Good bye. Love you too."

* * * * * * * * * < D W P > * * * * * * * * *

"Oh my god Andy! You should have heard this woman! Everything was the end of the fricking world!" Joss tossed his hands up before dropping his head to the desk. Andy cracked up.

"Really Joss?" She loved the man like a brother. His father had run the stables for her father and still came in a couple days a week "to keep an eye on things". The two of them had grown up together and gone off to A & M together. Their families had hoped they would marry and continue the ranch but Joss's inability to commit and Andy's preference to compete over women with him put those dreams to bed. Everyone had to settle for them simply running the ranch together.

"YES!" The slender man groaned voluably and pitifully making Andy snicker even more. He looked up and glared. "And she was just the assistant. Can you imagine what the hell kind of boss drives someone 'round the bend like that? And manages to keep them chained to a desk?"

"Oh come on. I'm sure the boss let's her out to pee at least. Maybe get some water. Run err-"

"ANDY!" Joss dropped to the desk and moaned, "That boss and her children are coming here!" He'd grabbed his Stetson off his inbox and was crushing it over his head. Andy plucked it off. His hands flopped down, covering his head, still trying to hide.

"Don't treat a good Stetson that way Joss. And so what? That's why we turned this place into a dude ranch! To get crazy rich folks to pay stupid amounts of money to do our hard labor. And hope that the crazier ones will keep coming back!" Joss realized Andy'd walked off with his hat when her voice faded. He jumped up and chased after her.


* * * * * * * * * < / D W P > * * * * * * * * *
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